Thursday, April 05, 2012

Resurrection: How to Stand Again Over Everything

I want to share the following message with my readers this Easter. My desire for you is that you find these truths about the resurrection becoming more and more real in your minute by minute experience Easter Sunday and every day. HDM

Tasting Daily Resurrection

“The one who keeps on believing (radically trusting, accepting My words as final) in Me has My kind of life! Even physical death or daily emotional deaths can’t take it away! Whoever keeps faithing Me (radical trusting) will never be dead to the sweet splendor and pleasant purpose of what I intend to be and do in their life” (John 11:23-26, HDM). Only through understanding how the life of our Lord Christ works in us will we be enabled to “stand again” out of and over our many death situations, the world system and our own unbelief and disbelief! To refuse to trust Christ in a radical way will constantly “put” death thoughts in our minds and hearts. The deeper the Savior’s promises and insights are branded into your mind the more power you will have to control and use your problems. The gravity and drag of our fallen nature will keep limiting and paralyzing us until the day we die. We must counter and overcome their force by the twin resurrection energies of lift and thrust!

Remember this definition: “To Fear God simply means to Respect His Reality.” He alone can show us what really is and what really isn’t! He alone can give discernment about “Who gives life” versus the secondary “whats of living.” To fear God is to seek, to find and to yield to the Godhead’s “revealed reality” about what matters and what doesn’t … what is truth and what is lie! The only other option is to drift along betting your life on the vagueness of the world system’s “pretended reality” and the counsel of others who are also “fools of the fall”! Ponder well Hebrews 2:1-3, 3:7-11, 4:12-13, 10:12-14. When a person loves the world more than Christ, they are taken in to the lies of life. They follow other people who are trying to make meaning out of their meaninglessness.

The Hebrews reality truth in 10:14 thrills me as much as any verse in the Bible. When the Lord revealed this verse to my mind and heart, the promise literally saved my life! The Savior is making His perfect children … us … more perfect! “For by one sacrifice Christ has made perfect forever those He is presently making holy.” Awesome! This is exactly how I love my grandchildren, my great-granddaughter and my great-grandson! In my eyes they are perfect, while at the same time I know they need to be “more perfect.” What a thrilling glimpse into the loving heart of our heavenly Father! I can hardly believe it! Someone like me, with all my human garbage, weaknesses and sin can be perfect in His eyes through Jesus! And in spite of my struggles and failures, He will never stop perfecting me to share his holiness … my own separation to only the truth! (Phil. 1:3-6; Heb. 12:10-13). This is just one of my meanings of resurrection! To truly believe the Father’s word on it makes every day an Easter! We truly conquer our death issues with life when we “faith the fact that” the very same energizing power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us!” (Rom. 8.11)

This is an excerpt from Ventures for Christ Resource #5: Applying the Truth of Resurrection. A copy of the complete document is available from the Ventures office upon request.